London Locks | Hair Documentary | Aaron Christian
London Locks | Hair Documentary | Aaron Christian
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London Locks is a short documentary that explores an exciting new subculture that is emerging from the creative cracks in London. A subculture that is being driven by some of the most stimulating and expressive thinkers in London's youth community and it involves hair. The film follows six individuals whom are pioneering a change in the way young black men and women feel about their hair and personal image. It explores each person's reasoning behind why they decided to grow their dreadlocks, what it means to each of them individually and how they see the movement moving forward as a collective. They are Marc Hare: Fashion Designer, Kieran Pharaoh: DJ, Ayishat Akanbi: Fashion Stylist, Curtis Essel: Blogger, Skinny Macho: DJ, Jamel Williams: Film Maker By shining a light on their daily maintenance and grooming routines, myths are broken down about dreadlocks, in an inspiring and educational way. Set in London, a city known for its diversity and innovation in the creative arts, the film showcases why the capital is at the forefront of this movement. Taking the viewer across the city from east to west through each individual's stories we glimpse how the frustrations of London’s past is fueling them to drive change and challenge how we see and interpret dreadlocks and natural hair. A film which encapsulates both the good and bad of the city, but which ultimately highlights hope for a young generation eager to express themselves freely and honestly

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