Identity By Ademola Falomo
Identity By Ademola Falomo
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Against this backdrop, Falomo has decided to name his short film IDENTITY. With this film, Falomo hopes to show appreciation for different Black people with distinct senses of individuality, skin tone, and appearance, acknowledging that although they may have differences, they are Black, they are human, and they are the same. The film, beginning at the end of the written storyline, takes us on a reverse journey from a party, all the way back to the factory that the clothing the men were wearing were made, featuring an inclusive cast of Black models. “Solidarity, Independence, when I think of these words, I think of Agreement & Self, as their respective synonyms. As Black people, the way we recognize and appreciate ourself is by embracing our individuality, i.e. what makes us stand out; our distinct characteristics and features. In other words, the agreement with self is what makes up our IDENTITY.” - Ademola Falomo

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