How To Make Friends With Strangers, a film.
How To Make Friends With Strangers, a film.
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How To Make Friends With Strangers - A Sony FX30 Documentary Documenting my 4-day experience at a Creator Summit in Heber City, Utah. The experiences of this creator summit were eye-opening. Learned a lot on the cultivation of relationships. Much love to the brothers Max, Ryan, Simon, and Chris for the invitation into the space. Hope you enjoy this piece. Connect with Mamadou: Discord Family | / discord Instagram | / mamadouofficiall Wilted Rose | / wiltedroseworldwide Twitter | / mamadoutherose Soundcloud | / mamadoutherose Website | Spotify | Submit a Video Topic: Booking Email Address/Inquiries | Tags: how to make friends with strangers, documentary, sony fx30, wholesomesimon, max reisinger, elle mills, youtube new wave, sony fx30 cinematic, cinematic, vlog, film, ryan ng, heber city, vuhlandes, steezy kane, how to make friends, travel, 2023, short film #Documentary #SonyFX30

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