VOICE a short film about Race and Belonging by Ebinum Brothers
VOICE a short film about Race and Belonging by Ebinum Brothers
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VOICE is a film created by Ebinum Brothers about Race and belonging, we made this to inspire people and also share our story and speak up through the way we can which is our art. We decided to release this now because we know people are not really speaking about this anymore when there are still lots of things going on in the world and the world needs this so we needed to inspire many and change minds with this film which is why we made it. Kindly watch and share for the world to see and get inspired by this film. Choreographed/Directed/Performed/Written by Ebinum Brothers (@ebinumbrothers) Voiceover written and performed by Elander Moore (@elandermoore) Original Music by Son of Cloud, Russell Durham, and Jeremy McDonald (@sonofcloudmusic) Filmed/Edited by Slim Showroom (@slimshowroom) Cast: Sam Ollo, Fred Reuben, Lucas Nwachukwu, Ruth Efigo, Jerry Ekanem, Damilola Umoru Follow Ebinum Brothers Instagram: https://instagram.com/ebinumbrothers Facebook: https://facebook.com/ebinumbrothers Twitter: https://twitter.com/ebinumbrothers YouTube: / ebinumbrothers Site: https://theebinumbrothers.com #ebinumbrothers #voice

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