Fatherhood (2017)
Fatherhood (2017)
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Fatherhood is a short film designed to decode the intimacy between men of colour, in particular, the relationship between father and son, hardly portrayed in mainstream media. Fatherhood is a narration, which describes the complex feelings that men may have towards their father – starting from childhood through to adolescence and finally adulthood. The story depicts the emotional turmoil that can arise from an unresolved relationship – how it plays on to a young man’s psyche leading up to adulthood – the way he values the men in his life and his own father. The film incorporates spoken word as the main medium to unpick the words in which young men may have wanted to say to their father but never had the chance to. The visuals aid this by the key representations of manhood throughout the piece, which illustrate the journey from a childhood to adulthood, as the main protagonist sets off on his rite of passage. CREDITS: Creative Director & Artist IGGYLDN Videography Stephan Knight Sound Joe Meehan Photography White Negatives Production Assistant J C Cowans Designer Mikey Pearce Sandra Abode Nathan Jones Stylist Christianah Jones Cast Makai Ammon Williams Corey Chuck Kenrick Gumbani Jake Silke Gabriel Francis Abdou Njie Raymond Njoku Extra Joao Henriques AJ Haast Tunwise Alakija Sokari Erekosima Laurent Faboumy Hamed Maiye Grading The Mill SOCIALS: IG: @iggyldn Website: www.iggyldn.com

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